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Sunrise Hills

A Progressive Neighborhood

Designed as a low-density green estate with a dedicated commitment to service our residents, Sunrise Hills is conceived with a longstanding vision to bring serenity, well-being and positive energy to its community. Sunrise Hills is a designed neighborhood that supports a healthy community by encouraging physical activity, positive social interaction and a connection to nature. While being only few minutes away from the city’s landmarks, the Sunrise Hills’ resident is tucked away in a haven of tranquility.

24/7 Services

  • Periodic maintenance and upkeep of all common areas
  • Garbage collection and waste disposal
  • Landscaping and gardening routines
  • Pest control and fumigation routines
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Sewer treatment plant management
  • Maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire hydrants
  • Total security management


  • 24/7 hour electricity supply though centralized backup generators
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment plant for supply of potable water
  • Round the clock security and concierge services
  • 24/7 maintenance crew and safety officers on standby
  • Recreational areas including exquisite pools and playgrounds
  • A dedicated team of maintenance engineers on duty