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Sunrise Hills

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Our homes are built with extreme quality construction standards, a consideration for natural light and breeze, functional living and an optimization for the best views. Sunrise Hills is modern yet at one with nature.

Unmatched Standards

  • Structural

    Designed and executed in compliance with British standards and in collaboration with an international team of structural engineers. Excellent quality of MEP materials and installations.
  • Interior

    Smart housing is our core practice to design homes that optimize every space for the occupier’s functional and lifestyle needs. Interiors include Grade A imported finishing.
  • Landscaping

    Sunrise Hills is a designed neighborhood with delicately crafted landscaping and a smart integration into the existing topography that captures natural light and views from most angles.
  • Pitch Roof

    Accessible attics with steel roofing, concrete tiles with decking, and waterproof slabs of the top floor guarantees ultimate reliability.
  • Quality

    Designed with the resident’s quality of life at the heart of its approach, all plans are designed and constructed under strict guidelines and supervision.
  • Registration

    All our plots are registered in Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS). Right of Occupancy Certificate will be processed by SED, Certificate of Occupancy is for a period of 99 years.